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Dr. Ahmed Al Zaiter has over 35 years of experience in audit, financial accounting, investments and business growth industries in the United States, Europe and Middle East Regions.

Recognised for his unique ability to build practice from start-up and by acquisition, modify practices to be able to cope with standards of large-scale practices, his career began at the Rudolf Wolf Future & Options Analyst, Moving to Barnes & Co then joined LSCP as one of the largest in UK Audit & Accountancy Firms.

Accountancy practices located in 12 UK cities and 3 global cities. His role globally partners was to control one city and over 3 years rose to control 12 more cities and build 2 new city practices.

In 2004, Dr. Al Zaiter aimed to build his own accountancy firm, by founding ACAL in London and through the world financial crisis in 2008 taking advantage of businesses need for restructuring as niche market service in UK and USA, by 2016, ACAL rebranded as SGP and continuous growth to date as CEO in 7 countries.

Educated in the UK & USA, obtained his BSc Engineering Management (USIU) MSc Financial Institutions (OSU) MBA Administration and PhD Accounting and International Taxation (BU). Member of the Three Association in Accountancy Regulators.



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