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SGP eEnergy (SOVGLO)

By utilizing the natural environments of the North African and Middle Eastern desert regions, SOVGLO is in negotiations with a number of Governments in these areas to research, develop, and implement a green project over 10 million acres of Jatropha cultivation.



SGP Energy (SOVGLO) has developed its sales and marketing strategy by analysing its own internal strengths and then analysing current market conditions. It has also linked up with the major International Organisations who are working with Jatropha advising them on working practices. SOVGLO has also consulted on behalf of UBS in Switzerland, advising some of their largest investors on the growth of Sustainable Renewable Fuel Projects around the globe.

This process has helped SOVGLO create its marketing and sales strategy to leverage its competitive advantage with a unique marketing strategy, thus establishing it as a leading bio-diesel production wholesale business.

Estimated technological changes concern those changes that would most likely affect SOVGLO’S ability to compete. As owners and management identify changing technology, these changes will be studied, analysed, and evaluated. As SOVGLO has aligned itself with the various research bodied as previously mentioned, it is confident it’s ideally placed to be ahead of its competitors.

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