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Mr. AlBast is our Executive Partner in LEVANT REGION PLUS IRAQ. He brings to the company over 30 years of experience in the areas of Investment Management, Wealth Management at a senior and Board level. Mr. Jamil AlBast previously worked in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States “GCC” (mainly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) where he handles discretionary and non-discretionary client’s portfolios. He specializes in Sophisticated and High Net Worth Clients and has regularly been recognized by the Jordanian government and financial institutions for the quality of his work and dedication to meeting his client’s needs.

Most recently he has worked closely with us to develop financial funding to meet the client’s unique requirements to complete their projects. He has well-established ties of trust, friendship, and loyalty to those he conducts business with, which is reinforced by the high, well above average closed deals.


Mr. Jamil AlBast recently was Introducing National Standard Finance (NSF) activities in the MENA region. NSF a USA based company acting as a credit base investor and do lease base transactions taking an equity position in the Assets in which NSF invest and then lease this investment back to a creditworthy entity trusting that the entity will provide and make the lease payment for the term of the contract as scheduled.

Mr. Jamil AlBast uses to be an active member of Global Investment House/Jordan, GIH is a Kuwaiti-based investment house running assets under managing of $1.5 Billion, Mr. AlBast handled the Wealth Management Department. Starting 1989 Till 1999 Mr. AlBast was in KSA as Deputy General Manager for a family-owned business specialized in building hospitals and health centers for the government, All LC’s opened for suppliers managed by Mr. AlBast with over $100 million in value size. 


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