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Focus, consistency and revaluating the process are the three keys to achievement


Over 30 years of experience in the hospitality, real estate and destination development industries in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Recognized for his unique ability to transform and elevate the operational standards of large-scale organizations, his career began at the InterContinental Hotels Group in Europe, evolving over an impressive period of 14 years and culminating in the position of Director of Finance for the Middle East and Africa region. In the 14 years with IHG within Europe, Middle East and Africa, he managed to go up the corporate ladder starting as a night receptionist to assuming the role of Director of Finance for the Middle East and Africa region. The journey with IHG included several milestones in the hospitality industry.


In 2004 he joined Orascom Development Holding as the Group’s CFO and was promoted to CEO for the group’s Hotel Division in 2012. During this time, he Completed four IPOS for the total amount of USD700 million, completing the listing the company at the SIX in Switzerland and the company witnessed seven years of consistent Growth in Revenue, EBITDA, NP and Assets

Later he joined JPTD as CEO and a board member in February 2014. His understanding of modern destination management was critical in the formulation of the company’s new vision; in the three and a half years that he served with JPTD, the company has witnessed an incomparable successful transformation of the company’s operation and more importantly its solid financial standing as the leading destination developer in Jordan.

Educated; BA Hotel Management and Finance from Munich Germany, MBA from Columbus University, USA.


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